Marketing Mix 4Ps PPT

What is the Marketing Mix 4Ps PPT for?

4P theory is a marketing theory based on four main “coordinates” of marketing planning:

  • product (assortment, product properties, quality, its ergonomics and design)
  • price (discounts, extra charges)
  • promotion (sales promotion, advertising, PR)
  • place (location of the outlet, distribution channels)

The 4P theory helps to develop an enterprise marketing policy based on an analysis of its activities on these four parameters. To assess the effectiveness of the marketing strategy of an enterprise, it is useful for the manager to use a professional tool such as our Marketing Mix 4Ps PPT. To cope with this task successfully, keep in mind the following:

  1. Commodity assortment should be balanced. Functionality, guarantee, design, brand, reliability – are the indicators that should be analyzed.
  2. The price of the promoted product consists of three parts: production costs, the amount of planned profits, factors of psychology. In this case, you should consider the pricing policy of the company or the chosen pricing strategy.
  3. A competent marketing policy is the basis for successful promotion, delivery of goods/services to consumers. Consumers should have the opportunity to receive the product of the company in a convenient place, at a comfortable time.

All components of the 4p marketing complex are of great importance for the effective operation of any company. An efficient application of this technology can adjust the balance of the product range, the promotion system, the sale of products, and promote the establishment of optimal prices. Having made a product or service desired for customers, the company will get maximum benefit, prosperity, recognition, profit. A holistic picture of business is the end result that gives the application of this marketing technology.


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