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What is the Marketing Mix PPT presentation for?

In its pure form, marketing is the process of identifying, forecasting, and fulfilling the needs and desires of customers to have profit. Traditional marketing consists of 4 parameters: product, price, place and promotion (4P). This concept has been very popular for many years, although in the mid-60s of the last century, 12 factors were originally proposed, which the marketer had to mix, control, and consider.

Marketing mix

This concept allowed us to briefly explain the concept of combining all the main marketing factors that contribute to the successful operation of the company.

Today marketing mix is ​​one of the most popular marketing concepts and the main element of any marketing strategy. Integration of all ingredients of effective marketing allows to:

  • analyze and identify the consumer value of goods or services;
  • determine the channel for the efficient distribution of goods and services, where the consumer can get acquainted with your assortment and make a purchasing decision
  • establish a suitable and competitive price for consumers, taking into account the priorities and limitations of the target audience
  • identify and use suitable advertising media that effectively convey unique offers of the consumer value of your product

Thus, the marketing mix provides you with a comprehensive and holistic approach to building a marketing strategy and shows the direction for achieving the main goal of any business – profit.

Classical 4P Marketing

For decades, traditional model of marketing 4P has remained the basis for making important marketing decisions and monitoring the implementation of marketing plans. This is a narrow and product-oriented strategy. This model is used by companies to determine the product on the market, which can bring profit to the enterprise. Success or failure depends on the choice of a set of measures.

The classical concept of marketing is based on four basic elements (4P):

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion

Newly-appeared variations

In the late 70’s it was widely recognized that the concept of marketing should be updated. This led to the creation of advanced marketing.

Based on this marketing model the following models were created:

  • Model 4C;
  • Model 5P: 4P + people – workers, “opinion leaders”, large customers;
  • Model 6P: Model 5P + Image;
  • Model 7P: Includes 5P and two more elements: process and physical evidence.

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