Marketing Mix Presentation


What is the Marketing Mix Presentation for?

Marketing mix – is the theoretical basis of marketing, while under marketing we understand not only a certain theoretical component, but also a whole list of phenomena and measures that are directly related to it.

Roughly speaking, marketing mix is ​​marketing’s theoretical components. Marketing mix is ​​what the concept of marketing consists of.

The concept of “Marketing Mix Presentation”:

The essence of marketing mix (what marketing consists of) is simple:

  • The correct PRODUCT (or several products) should be…
  • In the right PLACE…
  • At the right PRICE…
  • In the framework of certain activity.

The difficulty is to calculate and combine all the components of the marketing mix.

The understanding of the marketing mix emerged quite recently, in the early 90’s, along with the appearance of the marketing concept.

The main categories of the model:

  • Product that should cover the needs of consumers and correspond to their moods and expectations. Focus of efforts should be concentrated on the ways to solve buyers’ problems.
  • Price. In terms of consumption, the product can always be regarded as a good value for money. But this does not mean that it should be as accessible and cheap as possible. One of the basic principles of the marketing concept is that customers are usually willing to pay a little more money for what most effectively solves their hidden internal needs. The focus of effort is not on value, but on the benefits of consumption.
  • Place. The product should be available wherever your target customer is and heshe can simply make a purchase. It can be a popular hypermarket, or a TV shop, or your website, allowing you to conduct electronic commerce. It all depends on the preferences of the target audience. Focus of efforts – is on the availability of the product for purchase.
  • Promotion – are advertising, PR – actions, sales promotion, personal sales and other ways of communication with customers.

To consider all these elements of marketing model, one should present a structured analysis. It is important to regard the above-mentioned categories, so you need a well-organized professional tool that will help you to cope successfully with this task. In this case, you can offer our premade template of high quality that has a number of peculiarities.

The advantages of the slides:

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