Startup pitch decks Google slides



What is this startup pitch decks Google slides element for?

It is rather difficult to set up business and find those who will believe in you and your idea. That is why the presentation of the startup is an excellent opportunity to find the investors and promote your project. But the speaker usually has only several minutes to attract the listeners and catch their attention as frequently the investors are busy people. That is why it is important to convince the audience of the profitability and success of the business at once. This startup pitch decks Google slides template will help you to do this.

Using these slides, you’ll easily:

  • Display the essence of the project;
  • Point out the advantages;
  • Clearly and vividly reflect complex information;
  • Professionally allocate information on the slides.

For many speakers, this element serves as an image-maker because it demonstrates your skills and professionalism.

The composition of the template

This startup slide deck template includes 27 unique ready-made elements. This version is available for those who use Google Slides to create presentations. On the sample, you see a standard pack of multipurpose slides that every beginning entrepreneur requires. Among the useful slides, there are portfolio slides, tables, a map, a mockup, a few charts, etc. With such elements, it is easy to display any information.

The advantages of the template:

  1. High quality. Each slide of this startup template is of excellent quality. It is guaranteed that no visible defects will appear on the slides when you display them on high-resolution screens. These professional high-quality slides will prove your competence and perfectly display the topic.
  1. Built-in tools. Editable shape applied to the slides ensures that the users can edit all built-in tools.
  1. Free download. This element is available without paying. Press the button, download the pack of slides and enjoy working with it.
  1. Modern design. Such a minimalistic design is extremely popular nowadays since it looks smart but helps the listeners to concentrate on the topic.
  1. Multipurpose element. Despite it is frequently used for startups, the startup pitch decks Google slides template is also suitable for other business reports and projects.
  1. Easy-to-use premade element. Choosing these slides for work, the users simplify their responsibilities and spend less time.
  1. Free 24/ 7 support.

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