Timeline templates for Keynote



What are the timeline templates for?

If we speak about a business project or marketing report, the presentation of the startup as well as scientific research or school lesson, what can combine these diverse spheres of activities? At first sight, it may seem that these are completely different spheres and there are no similarities. But we can contradict. Each above-mentioned sphere can use the presentation to describe some question, topic, issue. Moreover, it is the timeline that combines the presentations in all these spheres. Let’s see some examples:

  • A business project. Here, the timeline templates for mac can be used to speak about company’s development, plan the project, regard some event and point out the milestones;
  • A marketing report. On the timeline bar, it is possible to point the sequence of upcoming discounts and sales.
  • A startup. The timeline serves to introduce the company to the investors, speak about the main achievements and prospects.
  • A scientific research. You can show the sequence of actions or some events on the bar.
  • A school lesson. Here, the timeline can be used for history lessons to visually and clearly describe a new topic, for instance the World War 2, and show the chronology of events. Besides, it is also suitable for literature lessons if you learn the biography of a famous writer, etc. In this case, the timeline template for mac will help you to regard hisher life path.

The composition of the template

This template is developed exclusively for Keynote software. It is comprised of 50 unique slides. The template represents a pack of timelines of different design. 10 ready-made color themes are available. The pack is well-equipped with a wide range of modern elements and necessary tools. Each timeline has its unique design: there are gears, a DNA molecule, keys, puzzles, a camera roll, cubs, and other timelines. Such great diversity of multipurpose timeline templates allows you to find the most appropriate one.

The slides are professionally developed and have a standard structure: a long bar that stretches from the right side of the slide to the left, the points labeled on it (on different slides, there are different number of points), and text blocks for descriptions and explanations.

The advantages of the template with creative timeline ideas:

  1. High quality. This characteristic is the most important and obligatory for all our elements and templates including this pack. Being your image-maker, the presentation should meet certain requirements in order to prove your expertise and help to impress the listeners. The audience looks at your visual aid and judges about your competence and awareness of the topic. Therefore, if your presentation has some visible defects including cut edges, blurred slides or pixels, this fact will spoil the impression and present you as a non-professional speaker. Choose high-quality templates and elements as this keynote timeline pack not to ruin your speech and present a successful high-quality presentation.
  1. Built-in tools. A set of editable vector elements extends your possibilities and simplifies work. It is easy to edit colors, size, shape in two clicks!
  1. Excellent visualization tool. Visualization is what each presentation requires. Imagine the presentation without any visual element – it will be extremely boring! If your visual aid lacks vividness and colors, accents, be ready that your listeners will quickly lose interest and fall sleep. Various visual tools are designed to keep the audience’s attention. These include charts, various models, schemes, diagrams, tables, an animated timeline, infographics, clip arts, etc. These visual tools perform a number of important functions:
  • Add clarity and vividness to your presentation and speech as a whole;
  • Make the presentation more attractive and diversify it;
  • Convert monotonous boring text data or complex statistics into an interesting table, diagram, chart, so on.
  1. Clear structure. This characteristic is able to improve the quality of your speech and presentation. If you want to achieve better topic’s perception, try to structure either speech or presentation logically. It’s simple: if you sound coherently and develop the ideas step by step, then the audience better gets the main point and easier follows your thoughts. All slides of this apple keynote timeline template are well structured and you can easily put information on the slides so that it looks clear and logic.
  1. Modern design. Design is the characteristic that seems to be optional and secondary, but in practice plays quite a significant role. Although some speakers neglect this option, then it comes out that well-designed presentations and projects are more successful and memorable. It’s obvious that too vivid or bright shades are able to frighten your listeners off or distract them from the speech itself, while too dark or gloomy colors will bore them and the audience will quickly become indifferent. This pack is a creative way to make a timeline. We use minimalistic design that is suitable for any occasion, project, or event. This style is very popular today.
  1. A multipurpose template. This presentation is suitable for a business idea, proposal, start-up for investors, as well as educational or scientific projects. The template will become your assistant: with its help, you’ll be able to prove the words with statistics, data, visually demonstrate some information. Moreover, if you get exited or nervous and forget the next point, you can always look and the slide and refresh the following idea.
  1. Easy-to-use pre-made slides. Choosing this pre-made pack, you’ll spend less time when prepare the presentations. Project plan and timeline template is designed to simplify your job responsibilities as well as save time. If you don’t have many computer skills or additional knowledge, do not worry. The beginners easily cope with the slides and learn how to use them at work.
  1. Free 24/7 support.

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