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30 SWOT analysis templates – free download, update 2022

A SWOT analysis is an important strategic tool for any company looking to succeed. The technique can be the deciding factor between success and failure, so it’s no surprise that every organization should utilize this method in their workflow. To help you with your own presentations, we’ve created a list of quality templates from 2021’s new free designs that can help you create professional-looking presentations – something suitable for both experienced presenters and someone who wants to learn now!

What is the SWOT analysis?

The SWOT analysis is a business strategy tool used for making decisions about future actions. It identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the organization, the opportunities in an organization’s environment, and the threats against it. These are often created by small businesses who need to decide what the steps they should take next to be more responsive and efficient.

What is the SWOT analysis

There are four steps to a SWOT analysis

Strategies (SWOT) is a technique for analyzing how balanced you are in assessing your internal and external strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

  1. Strengths: characteristics of the business or project that give it an advantage over others. A strength might be that the business is well-known or it has a competitive advantage.
  2. Weaknesses: characteristics that place the business or project at a disadvantage relative to others. A weakness might be that the business doesn’t have a competitive advantage or it has low-quality products.
  3. Opportunities: elements in the environment that the business or project could exploit to its advantage. An opportunity might be that the business is in a rapidly growing market or it has access to new technologies.
  4. Threats: elements in the environment that could cause trouble for the business or project. A threat might be that the business doesn’t have access to a resource it needs or there’s uncertainty in the economy.
Different ways to visualize SWOT analysis

A SWOT analysis can be visualized in different ways

  • The SWOT matrix is a grid of four quadrants representing both opportunities for current success and threats to be avoided.
  • It can be represented as a list, with the items arranged vertically in order.
  • It can also be drawn graphically using illustrations. But in any case, do not forget that the main purpose of a SWOT analysis is to inform and you should only use visuals as a supplement to complement your presentation.

Create a SWOT analysis in just minutes [Video instruction]

Learn how you can create a SWOT analysis in minutes with ready-made templates. This skill will save you time.

Note that some SWOT analysis templates use non-standard fonts. There are detailed instructions on how to install the font on your MAC and Windows computer. Templates for Google Slides use compatible fonts, so you won’t need to install them.

30 free high-quality SWOT PowerPoint templates for creating a presentation

Our site is a real great library of premade high-quality templates for presentations. Among such a variety of offered elements, there is a large section of SWOT analysis templates. Each of them is unique, modern, and high-quality. A large number of elements is available for free download. PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides templates are available. However, to not be unfounded, let’s look at our 2021 selection of free slides:

SWOT analysis powerpoint slide template

Download Free SWOT analysis PowerPoint slide >

Download Free SWOT analysis Keynote slide >

Download Free SWOT analysis Google Slides slide >

This slide includes 4 text blocks, each of which describes a particular part of the analysis, and a creative multicolored illustration. Due to this combination of elements on the slide, listeners will draw attention to your project and will easily understand the SWOT matrix. The template will be perfect for a report or a presentation at a seminar, conference, or meeting. Every skilled speaker will highly assess this professional template.

SWOT analysis PowerPoint presentation

SWOT analysis PowerPoint Template Free Download >

SWOT analysis Keynote Template Free Download >

SWOT analysis Google Slides Template Free Download >

The central visual element of the template is the flask with bubbles. It is framed by four text blocks that correspond to each part of the analysis. The element looks modern and stylish. It attracts attention but at the same time doesn’t distract an audience from the point of a speech. It is of high quality and ready for work. The template is equipped with all necessary tools. It is aimed at simplifying users’ responsibilities and making speeches more vivid.

SWOT analysis template PPT

SWOT analysis template PPT >

SWOT analysis template KEY for MAC >

SWOT analysis template Google Slides >

Creative multicolored origami shapes with symbolic icons are placed in the center of the slide. Four text blocks are provided around the illustration. A unique visual element diversifies monotonous text flow and draws attention. At the same time, it looks rather restrained. The slide is widely chosen for reports, analyses, all types of business presentations. If you want to make your speech more attractive and demonstrate professional skills, choose the slide.

SWOT analysis PowerPoint templates

SWOT analysis PowerPoint Templates >

SWOT analysis Keynote Templates >

SWOT analysis Google Slides Templates >

One more free slide for SWOT topics. It is available for all types of software including Keynote, PowerPoint, Goggle Slides. The slide has a minimalistic color style and is perfect for all sorts of business and marketing projects. The template will help visualize text massifs and vividly display the results of the SWOT analysis. It is equipped with all the necessary tools that make users’ work as convenient and effective as possible.

PowerPoint SWOT template free

PowerPoint SWOT template free >

Keynote SWOT template free >

Google Slides SWOT template free >

It is a beautiful unique slide for SWOT projects. In the center of a sample, you see a two-color “flower” with four petals. Each petal is named by the corresponding letter and is equipped with a separate text block, where users can place text explanations. Available built-in tools are designed to make work as easy and convenient as possible. A vivid infographic diversifies presentations and draws attention. The template will serve as support and assistance for every businessman or speaker.

Company SWOT Analysis PowerPoint

Company SWOT Analysis PowerPoint >

Company SWOT Analysis Keynote >

Company SWOT Analysis Google Slides >

On the sample, there is a SWOT matrix. Four cells with icons comprise the template. Although the slide can be downloaded for free, its main characteristic is high quality. Thus, it allows displaying digital presentations on the SWOT analysis on all screens and devices. Excellent quality without visible defects is guaranteed. The slide is chosen for business reports, marketing presentations, and other projects. a premade template will make work more effective and quicker.

Free SWOT template PowerPoint

Free SWOT template PowerPoint >

Free SWOT template Keynote >

Free SWOT template Google Slides >

This one has the form of a branched scheme. On this slide, a two-level scheme is placed, where weaknesses, strengths, opportunities, and threats are first distinguished into external or internal factors. Below, you can list the findings of your research. The element is perfect for business and marketing reports and all types of projects. The slide is equipped with all the necessary built-in tools that simplify users’ work.

Free SWOT analysis PowerPoint template

Free SWOT analysis PowerPoint template >

Free SWOT analysis Keynote template >

Free SWOT analysis Google Slides template >

Here, you’ll find the combination of a unique visual element with text blocks. The illustration consists of four blue circles with the capital letters of the analysis and is placed on the left side of the slide. Four separate text blocks are on the right side. Take advantage of free download and try this element. Its main advantages are perfect quality on all devices, ease of use, modern design that is suitable for different types of presentations. Users widely use it for their reports or analyses.

SWOT PowerPoint template

SWOT PowerPoint template >

SWOT Keynote template >

This one will definitely attract everybody’s attention. Due to vivid illustrations on which a man demonstrates various emotions, the slide looks vivid and catching. On the sample, site visitors will find four separate elements (like tags), each of which is designed to display the results of the SWOT analysis. Choose the slide if you want to make work easy and quick, create high-quality professional projects, and demonstrate your skills.

SWOT template PowerPoint

SWOT template PowerPoint >

SWOT template Keynote >

SWOT template Google Slides >

This template is rather formal. Its style is restrained. On the sample, you will see four cells in which you can list the findings of a conducted SWOT analysis. This slide allows users to clearly structure and display information. The element will perfectly match any business presentation. It is easy and convenient to work with the slide due to built-in tools. When choosing the template, you get an excellent opportunity to download the template for free and simplify your responsibilities.

SWOT Analysis PPT

SWOT Analysis PPT >

This template lacks text blocks. On the sample, you’ll find a creative visual element. A multicolored flower-like illustration comprises only the capital letters and full names of analysis’s components. The image is unique and modern. It draws attention. It can be successfully used to introduce a topic or a particular section of your presentation/speech. The element serves as the perfect decoration that will make digital business projects more vivid and attractive.

SWOT analysis PowerPoint template

SWOT analysis PowerPoint template >

This is another unique slide for the SWOT analysis. A creative multicolored shape adds vividness to the template and makes it more attractive. Provided text blocks allow displaying the necessary information (results, data) and explain the topic. The element is used for a great number of marketing and business projects, reports, presentations. Due to its excellent quality and ease of use, it has got high ratings. Download it for free and try yourself!

SWOT analysis PowerPoint

SWOT analysis PowerPoint >

A creative visual element is the main feature of this slide. A circular multicolored shape draws attention and diversifies presentations. If you want to add a stream of fresh air to your speech, try this slide! It looks stylish and modern. You’ll demonstrate your skills and create an excellent reputation. No one encounters difficulties while using it for new presentation creation. The slide is equipped with a full set of the necessary tools that make work as convenient as possible.

Creative SWOT Diagram for PowerPoint

Creative SWOT Diagram for PowerPoint >

This SWOT slide is a kind of an arrow timeline. Four circles are arranged in one timeline with provided text blocks. The element is multicolored; thus, a user can be sure that his/ her presentations will be attractive and lovely. At the same time, it will not distract listeners. Due to a modern minimalistic style, the template is frequently chosen for a wide range of business reports and presentations. Among other advantages, there are ease of use, perfect quality, built-in tools, free download.


SWOT PPT template free download >

On this slide, you can see four blocks with lists. Each block is designed for every part of the analysis. Circles of different colors with letters in the upper right corner indicate the component that is considered in a particular text block. Besides the fact that the slide is free, it is of excellent quality. Speakers freely display them on various devices. In addition, you won’t feel any difficulties at work. The set of built-in tools makes work convenient, easy, and quick. And a vivid slide makes presentations livelier and more attractive.

SWOT PPT Template

SWOT PPT template >

Here’s one more professional slide for the SWOT analysis. It is a premade element with a unique vivid structure. A separate colorful column is designed for every part of the analysis. It is convenient to list findings in tables. Each column is titled. The slide will help easily and clearly display text information and make the process of SWOT analysis consideration more comprehensible. A professional high-quality template won’t have defects; it can be displayed on all devices.

SWOT PPT for PowerPoint

SWOT PPT for PowerPoint >

It is the perfect option for those speakers who want to not only display professional presentations but also make them vivid and attractive. A colorful illustration in the center of the slide draws attention and diversifies the course of a speech. Each color stands for one of four constituents of the SWOT analysis. Separate text blocks are provided to each element. Such a professional slide will become an excellent decoration of your report or project but will not distract listeners from the essence of a presentation.

SWOT PPT for PowerPoint Presentation

SWOT PPT for PowerPoint Presentation >

Do you want to display a unique attractive presentation? Do you want to prepare professional reports in a few minutes? Then this slide is for you! A creative illustration with multicolored arrows diversifies presentations and adds vividness to boring business topics. The slide will successfully display the findings of the SWOT analysis so that they look vivid and clear. In addition, it will demonstrate users’ skills and competence. Moreover, it is free. The element is supported by PPT, PPTX, KEY formats.

SWOT PPT template for PowerPoint

SWOT PPT template for PowerPoint >

If your presentations lack vividness or attractiveness, pay attention to this free professional slide. A unique colorful illustration in the center of the slide will make presentations more vivid and catching. A combination of text blocks with a creative image is considered to be the best way to display information so that it is better perceived and remembered. Those users who choose the element get the tool that is able to simplify their work. With the slide, it is possible to create new projects in several minutes.

SWOT template PowerPoint

SWOT template PowerPoint >

This slide is one more perfect tool for visualization. If you want to make your presentations more attractive and simplify topic perception, consider adding visualization elements. This slide is the perfect option that looks modern but is able to clearly and vividly display information. Moreover, it looks perfect on all screens. A professional tool will help spend less time on presentation creation and cope with work more effectively. In addition, speakers will get an excellent tool that demonstrates skills.

SWOT PPT template for Business

SWOT PPT template for Business >

If you do not know how to make presentations more perceivable and attractive, you need this slide. A professional unique element for business presentations will become a stream of fresh air for your digital projects. A creative colorful illustration is equipped with four separate text blocks. Such a visual combination will look stylish and vivid. The slide will definitely diversify your speech flow, simplify topic perception and attract listeners’ attention.

SWOT PPT for marketing

SWOT PPT for marketing >

Visualization is a crucial part of business presentations. This slide is made in accordance with all modern requirements. A vivid creative illustration draws attention and diversifies business or marketing reports/ analyses. Four provided text blocks allow explaining topics in a structured thesis way. The element will perfectly match any presentation and demonstrate speakers’ skills. If you add the element to your digital project, be sure that your listeners won’t get bored and an audience will perfectly get the message of your speech.

SWOT analysis ppt for Company

SWOT analysis ppt for Company >

A skilled speaker knows that the success of a speech and presentation is the right combination of text and visual elements. The developers of the slide know it as well. Thus, the element comprises either a creative unique illustration or text blocks. The purpose of the visual element is to diversify speeches and attract listeners’ attention. Text blocks are designed to briefly describe a topic. Such a slide will match all types of presentations and look perfect on all devices. It is a professional premade tool for those users who want to work efficiently and do not want to waste time.

SWOT analysis free ppt

SWOT analysis free ppt >

If you want to get a professional tool that will help increase the quality of your digital projects, look at this slide. Text blocks are diversified by a unique creative illustration that attracts attention. Due to the use of visualization, speakers add vividness and make their speeches more interesting and memorable. This slide will help consider the findings of the SWOT analysis and better perceive information. A professional slide can be displayed on all screens. It will be worthy support for every speaker.

SWOT analysis free ppt template

SWOT analysis free ppt template >

A professional unique slide will not only become users’ support but also help make presentations clearer, more interesting and vivid. Visualization plays an important role in modern presentations. Thus, it is necessary to use various visual elements. This slide has a creative illustration. Moreover, it is guaranteed that it will look perfect on all devices. Users can be sure that their presentations won’t have visible defects, and information will be presented in a clear structured way.

SWOT analysis free PowerPoint

SWOT analysis free PowerPoint >

Don’t you know how to add vividness to your speech flow? This slide will help you! A vivid creative illustration is aimed at adding vividness. Provided text blocks will help explain the results of the SWOT analysis. A premade professional slide will become worth assistance for every employee. A high-quality element looks perfect on all devices. In addition, users spend less time on digital project creation when using the slide. It is a useful convenient tool for those people who do not want to lose time.

SWOT template for PowerPoint Report

SWOT template for PowerPoint Report >

A vivid creative illustration is able to attract attention and make a presentation more comprehensible and perceivable. Therefore, those slides that combine visual elements and text blocks are frequently used. This slide meets this requirement. A professional template successfully displays information on all screens and does not have defects. Such a slide will demonstrate speakers’ professional skills and simplify topic consideration.

SWOT template for PowerPoint Presentation

SWOT template for PowerPoint Presentation >

This slide is an excellent example of a professional tool for presentation creation. A combination of a visual illustration with text blocks is the best option for professional business presentations. An illustration looks vivid and attractive and text blocks explain an idea. It is a premade professional tool that is designed to make users’ working process easier and more effective. Besides, it is proven that topics are considered easier due to the use of such visual templates.

SWOT template PPT PowerPoint Template

SWOT template PPT PowerPoint Template >

A creative unique illustration is what distinguishes this slide from others. It attracts attention and makes the slide more interesting and lovely. For a speaker, it is an opportunity to diversify a presentation and add a stream of fresh air to the course of speeches. In addition, it is easy to work with the template. Users save their time and create digital projects with minimum effort and time limits. The slide matches all types of reports, presentations, and other digital projects where the SWOT analysis is considered.

SWOT template for PowerPoint Presentation (free)

SWOT template for PowerPoint Presentation (free) >

If you want to draw an audience’s attention to your speech, add this slide! On the example, you’ll see a creative vivid illustration that looks catching. Such a visual element will diversify your speech. Moreover, it is of high quality and developers guarantee that it is free of defects. They slide can be used in any presentation or digital project (reports, startups, analyses) where the SWOT analysis is considered. The slide serves as a useful and effective working tool for dozens of office employees engaged in the business and marketing spheres.


A SWOT analysis is a simple and functional tool that will help you assess business opportunities and risks. Using ready-made solutions, such as templates for PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides, will save you time and allow you to focus on the presentation content. Sign up for a free account now and download business templates with no restrictions. 

 Contact our free support team if you have any questions or difficulties. We work for you 24/7.

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