Free Roadmap for Google Slides

What is the Free Roadmap for Google Slides for?

Nowadays, infographics – is a popular trend, that has recently entered the modern business world and confidently took root there.

Infographics is an excellent design invention that helps to convey a large amount of often complex or boring information in a simple and structured way. The Free Roadmap for Google Slides is our new slide with timeline infographic. Choosing this template, you get:

  • An assistant that will simplify your responsibilities and make work easier;
  • A free use of this slide for your purposes;
  • A useful tool that is able to visualize bulky data and information and convey it in an attractive scheme.
  • The respect of colleagues and directors;
  • An excellent assistant at meetings that support your image;

The timeline in the form of a table comprises the template. Such type of infographics can be widely used in various fields: science, history, marketing, business, geography.

Using this template, you can clearly describe:

  • the history of your company’s development;
  • its perspectives;
  • point the crucial point of the project on which the team works;
  • specify the timelines and milestones, and many others.

The slide is specially developed for the use in the frameworks of Google slides. This service doesn’t require any special software; you just work through your browser. Although the possibilities of the service are sharply reduced, it is still quite popular, thus, a full range of various slides can be found on our site.

The advantages of the slide:

  1. High quality
  2. Free download
  3. A multipurpose template
  4. Built-in tools
  5. A premade easy-to-use slide
  6. Free 247 support

You can see that such ready-made slide is a useful tool at work. It allows to work quickly, efficiently. Speaking about the attitude, presenting a professional unique slide in your project ensures good reputation, respect, positive outcome of the meeting.

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